Spring Storms and Hail Damage

If you've lived in Texas very long, you know we have some bad thunderstorms. No matter what the news may say about Tornado Alley being in Kansas and Oklahoma, we know that the Lone Star State gets its fair share of rough weather too. When those storms come into town with hail, the impact on your home can be huge. Damaged shingles, broken windows, and holes in siding can all be left in the wake of a hailstorm, leaving you scrambling to deal with your insurance policy and get the damage repaired as quickly as possible. Daltex Contracting can be your valued partner in the cleanup after a storm. We're experienced in all parts of the process, from that first call to your insurance company right up until our crew loads up and drives away. There are a lot of things you need to know ahead of time to make sure that a hailstorm doesn't cause you any more headache than it has to. After all, you may be dealing with damage to your landscape or even your car at the same time. That makes it even more important to keep the [...]