Storm Damages

Here in North Texas, we get plenty of hail storms and other severe weather that can easily damage your roof and gutter systems. And what?s worse is, roof damage so often goes unnoticed.

After a storm, it?s important to have a trained professional do a thorough roof inspection and ensure that your roof is in good shape. Otherwise, those dreaded ?black spots? on your shingles can quickly become leaks that could cost potentially thousands of dollars to fix!

Hail Damage


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Insurance Claims

If your home was hit by hail, you will need to file an insurance claim. This claim is important and should be filed as soon as possible as your insurance company should cover the cost of the repairs that will return your home back to pre-storm condition.

Temporary roof repairs are also covered by insurance to protect your property from further loss or damage. (A typical temporary roof repair should not exceed $300).

Here are some helpful steps to take to make the process easier:

  • Call your insurance company. Report the possible loss and let the professionals determine the extent of the damage.
  • Select your LOCAL roofing contractor! Protect your best interest by choosing an experienced roofing contractor who is familiar with the construction process and working with your insurance company.
  • Adjuster meeting. Have your chosen contractor meet your insurance company at the adjuster meeting to insure the scope includes all damages and your needs are met at a ?price agreeable? to the insurance company and your contractor.
  • Call your mortgage company. Advise them of your roof claim and inquire about their procedures for draft endorsement and contractor?s affidavits, lien releases, etc.
  • Send check to mortgage company. Do not endorse the check! Send the check to your mortgage company and request their endorsement first.
  • Review & schedule project. After you and your roofing contractor have agreed on the scope and terms of the claim, you should schedule the work to begin.
  • Accept material delivery. Verify the material manufacture and color with your roofing contractor.
  • Inspect your roofing repair project. Once the job is completed and you are 100% satisfied with the work, you should expect to pay the balance of your roofing project.
  • Secure all documents: Keep all documentation in a safe place and treat it as you would any warranty information.

Enjoy your newly restored home and peace of mind!

GAF Master Elite Certified

What is Master Elite?Certification?

Master Elite? Certification is GAF?s factory certification program that provides ongoing training to roofing contractors and assurance to you that the roof will be completed well and professionally. Only

3% of all roofing contractors nationwide have qualified as Master Elite? Choosing a GAF Master Elite? contractor is your assurance that you?ll be dealing with a quality, and dependable professional contractor not some ?fly-by-nighter?.