When customers are looking for a roofing company to take care of their roofing needs, they fall into a possible trap with overnight roofing companies. These overnight roofing companies may not always be easy to spot upon first glance. However, with careful research, it’s possible to notice a few key differences between an overnight roofing company and an established roofing company like Allen Roofers, McKinney Roofers, and Plano Roofers. We compiled a list of a few key details that customers should look for.

1. Look for Experience

Perhaps one of the most glaring problems that an overnight roofing company will have is a lack of experience. These are the kind of companies that seemingly come out of nowhere. They’ll promise to do your roof, take your money, and then typically leave, citing problems. They may even do some of the jobs, but they will either be left unfinished or finished with poor quality.

An established roofing company like ours will show their experience. By either having a list of completed projects, a number of years that they have been working on their website, or through service awards, it’s possible to find the experience that a company has.

Overnight roofing companies won’t have this experience. Or, worse, they’ll claim that they have experience but won’t be able to provide evidence to support their claim. Any pictures that they take of past projects may be stolen or purchased from stock photo sites.

2. Service Awards

One vital aspect to look for when trying to determine between an established roofing company and an overnight roofing company is service awards. These awards given to businesses from sites like Angie’s List merit their worth as a company and showcase the quality of their work.

An established roofing company should have several awards that span over a few years. It’s also even better if they have service awards spanning from different sites and organizations.

In regards to overnight roofing companies, it’s vital that you watch out for copy and pasted service awards or doctored awards. A scammer might try to make their own award and paste it on their website. Or they might steal an award logo off of another company and push it as their own. You can double-check with the organization that presented the award to determine if the claim is authentic or not.

3. Testimonials

Another vital area to check to determine the scam roofing company from the established one is through their testimonials. An established company should have testimonials on their website depicting the experiences that their clients have had with them. The bulk of those testimonials should be positive. It’s acceptable for a few bad reviews since it lends credibility to the company. Plus it’s difficult to satisfy everyone.

An overnight roofing company might not have any testimonials at all. This is a glaring sign that they are a scam. Other companies might have testimonials but they might all be fake. If the testimonials sound as though someone from the company wrote them, then it might very well be the case. If they only have positive testimonials, then you might want to take the claims with a grain of salt.

4. Check Online Reviews

Besides looking at their sites for reviews, it’s a good idea to check online sites. Places like Angie’s List, Yelp, and other review sites are great places to have a thorough understanding of the experiences that people have had when working with a particular business. These reviews may be more indicative of actual experiences.

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