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Daltex Contractors LLC provides quality, professional residential and commercial services throughout The Colony Area. From inspections, maintenance and repairs to complete roof replacements, Daltex Contractors LLC can provide the service you need. We operate with the highest standards of care and workmanship. When you need roofing repair work or a roofing replacement in The Colony, you should work with skilled experts. Our roofing crewmembers work together to offer you top notch setup that’ll last so you can have the satisfaction you deserve.

Professional Roofers

Our team is completely devoted to professional, on-time roof services that include roof repair services and replacement. We can help you develop a new look for your home or fix up what’s already there. We The Colony tx roofing contractors utilize the finest products from the world’s most valued roofing manufacturers, consisting of CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning. Because our employees have years of a variety of experience as well as specialized training in roofing– including both domestic and also business jobs, we’re the best selection for house owners similar to you.

Daltex Contractors LLC is entirely committed to its clients, which means we put your demands first. If you don’t require a complete roof replacement, we’ll notify you of areas that need repair service, to save you cash and also extend the life of your present roof. If you do require roofing replacement, we’ll address your questions and assist you every action of the way. We can bring brand-new life to aging roofs, repair storm as well as hailstorm damages, or remove an old roof and give you a brand-new one. We work swiftly as well as efficiently to save you time and money.

Your roof is an important component of your residence, and we understand that fixing or replacing it is a huge investment. We’re here to see to it that you obtain the best feasible value for every single buck you spend on your roof.

Highly Trained & Ready For Your Call!

Our roof repair technicians are specially trained to identify the cause of a leak or the presence of a potential leak and repair it accordingly. We can also advise homeowners on the right residential roofing services and the return on investment of a repair versus a full replacement. We can carry out emergency repair work after a hail damage or any storm damage, or we can make repairs or roof replacements as your roof naturally ages. Give us a call today!

Residential Roofing in The Colony: What You Need to Know

Daltex Contractors LLC has grown to become a leading installer of residential roofing systems in the area. Our Team is committed to providing the highest quality work as well a high level of professional services that is unmatched by the competitors. We strive to provide each homeowner with knowledge of roofing products and the process of installing a new roof system. Our skilled craftsmen will install high-quality, long-lasting roof that will enhance the appearance of your home.

We, the colony roofing contractors, offers a large selection of shingle styles, colors, and manufacturers. We are a credentialed installer for GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed products. We also offer shingle roofs with enhanced warranty options to ensure that your roof investment will last for many years to come.

Daltex Contractors LLC residential roofing specialists will guide the homeowner through the process and help in making the right roofing choices based on cost, durability and the desired appearance.

Whether you need simple repairs or a complete roof replacement, it’s important that you address your roof’s issues immediately. Even small problems those that could be easily fixed can spiral into huge issues that could cost you thousands.

Common Roof Problems

Roof problems don’t just affect the roof. In fact, they can compromise your whole home’s structure. Some of the most common residential roofing problems include:

Clogged Gutters

Clogged or broken gutters can’t provide a clear pathway for water to exit your roof. When water pools up in your gutters, it can seep into your eaves and lead to rot.


Roof leaks are most common near chimneys, under damaged shingles and around gutters. They’re also common near skylights, at flashing points and in low spots and valleys in your roof. Even a small leak can become catastrophic if it’s not handled immediately, so if you notice signs of a roof leak, you need to call our residential roofing expert immediately.

Punctures and Holes

Your roof can sustain punctures and holes from wildlife, tree branches, hail and a number of other sources. Unfortunately, water and pests can get into those small holes and that paves the way for roof leaks in the future.


Some roofing materials – especially older ones that weren’t made with the same care roofing materials are made with today – are subject to shrinkage. If your roofing materials shrink, they can cause all kinds of problems. They can even pull apart flashing, which will eventually allow water to penetrate the roof deck.

Snow or Ice Damage

Snow and ice are hard on roofing materials, and they’re even harder when they melt and refreeze. When water seeps underneath your shingles and refreezes, it can lift them up and allow even more water in the next time.

Tree Damage

A big tree limb doesn’t have to fall on your roof to cause damage. Sometimes small branches rubbing against your roof every day can wear down the protective coating on your shingles, leaving your home exposed to several other dangers.

Roof Inspection service in The Colony

Daltex Contractors LLC is one of the best-known roofing contractors in The Colony, and we offer thorough roof inspection services that evaluate structural support, exterior/interior conditions, roofing materials, and quality of workmanship. We can determine if a roof is in good condition or if it needs repairs. Our evaluation is presented to our clients as a digital video analysis, along with an in-depth discussion of any recommended repairs.

Our professional roof inspection report is based on a comprehensive inspection of these areas:

1-Structural Stability and Support

A roof that does not have proper support or has areas where the support structure is weakened will be flagged by our roof inspectors.

2-Interior and Exterior Surfaces and Elements

The inspector will carefully examine all the components that a roof system needs to be in good working condition.

3-Materials Used in Roof Construction

Roof materials have a certain useful life before needing replacement. It is always a better idea to repair or replace a roof before a serious problem arises. Knowing the approximate lifespan of the roofing materials used will help make the decision to repair or replace the roof based on the inspection findings.

4-Quality of Workmanship

Even the best roofing materials may not perform well if the installation was not performed correctly. A quality roof is an integrated system that requires all the components to be assembled and installed properly by skilled hands.

Who Benefits from A Formal Roof Inspection?

Roof inspections are requested by real estate companies for properties that are either listed for sale or pending contracts. A roofing inspection may also be requested by the real estate buyer if the seller does not provide this information. Buyers should check for any roof problems before making a purchase. Some real estate property owners conduct an annual roof inspection as part of their property maintenance. Consistent roof maintenance extends the useful life of any roof!

Years of Experience

Roof inspections, which are obtainable from Daltex Contractors LLC for a small fee, differ from getting a free estimate for roof repairs (that we also provide) in that they are more detailed. In addition to the roof itself, the entire building is evaluated inside and out. The inspection report also may become one of the the required steps to complete a real estate transaction.

Importance of an inspection

Smart homeowners know the value of properties in tip-top condition. To keep it in good shape, they follow simple advice: know the house inside out, particularly the roof.

You never know what’s happening under those shingles. Neglecting regular inspections might result in a serious leak or worse. In the long run, this neglect could compromise your home or your quality of life.

Regular roof inspections offer peace of mind, and may also provide improved insurance premiums or vital building code compliances.

Why go with us?

There are many reasons a roof might leak and the purpose of an inspection with Daltex Contractors LLC is to expose these problem areas if they are present. You will have better protection and peace-of-mind because at the end of the inspection, you would be well on your way to getting roof assurance.

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Roofing Contractors in The Colony

Roof replacement is a big financial investment and can cost between $6,500 to $20,000, so it’s important to select a company that will get it done right the first time. Roof repairs for an improperly installed roof can be just as costly and cause all kinds of damage and challenges. If you’ve been trying to find someone to replace your roof or even repair some broken or missing shingles, now is the perfect time to learn about roofing companies. Not sure how to hire a roofer? Let us take a look at these four mistakes that one must never make while hiring roofing companies

1.Hiring an Unlicensed or Uninsured Roofing Contractor

Many homeowners will decide to steer clear of professional roofing companies to cut costs. Instead, those homeowners may opt to work with a handyman or an unlicensed roofer to address their roofing issues. Do not walk down that path, only work with licensed professionals. A license means that they have undergone the correct training and are qualified to work in the roofing industry. The reputable Daltex Contractors LLC in The Colony thrive because they’re licensed. On the other hand, an unlicensed roofing contractor may provide the cheapest estimates but they will degrade the quality of the repair. Hence, people have to bear more expenses in the long run.

You should not only work with a company that is licensed but also insured. When it comes to roofing projects, a lack of insurance is a recipe for disaster. Your financial risk is greatly increased without those policies. Those kinds of insurance policies help protect your property and protect you as a homeowner. The company should have liability coverage in case anything happens to your roof or property during the job.

2. Not getting a Written Estimate or Contract

If you do not have guarantees, warranties, bids, estimates, and contracts in writing, it’s like it never happened at all. A contractor who doesn’t have an address, doesn’t want a written contract and offers a discount if you pay cash isn’t the right choice for you. This type of underground economy transaction involves many risks that offset any savings to the homeowner. The best strategy is to get everything in writing including the total cost of the job, materials, labor, additions, and an explanation of the work to be included. Read this over carefully and ask questions if you need to. This will also make it easy to compare bids and choosing the right roofing contractor for you.

3. Not Prioritizing the Quality

Your roof is a major part of your home and an important factor in keeping your family dry, safe, and comfortable. So, you must carefully choose a contractor who offers a quality solution under a reasonable price range. Take the time to review the quality of products offered by your contractor. For instance, a roofer who offers products from some of the leading manufacturers nationwide, can ensure outstanding roofing performance for your home

4. Not Checking the Referrals

Ask your family members, friends and neighbors for recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals are still the most reliable forms of information regarding a roofing company. If you have a company in mind, you can talk to their previous clients to get first-hand information about the quality of their products and services. Previous clients are typically more candid and honest about their experiences with a roofing company than any other people. We at Daltex Contractors LLC have satisfied clients throughout the years.

Top Roofing materials

There are many roofing materials to choose from when replacing your roof. But how will you know which roofing material is right for your home? The choice of roofing material depends on your quality preferences, resale value, aesthetics, and available budget.

So, where do you start with? Shingles comes in a variety of styles, colors, and weights. Make sure you choose the right materials, as roof replacement is an important commitment in keeping your family safe. We at Daltex Contractors LLC want you to be confident that you’re choosing the right materials. The most popular roofing option is asphalt singles for cost reasons, but there are many other options on the market.

We have compiled a list of the most popular roofing materials to provide insights into the different benefits of each roofing material.

Asphalt Shingles

Available in solid or mixed colors, asphalt shingle is the most popular roofing material throughout the United States. These shingle products are one of the most cost-effective roofing options, usually with a 20-year, and in some cases 30-year warranty. This gives them great value and that is the main advantage of this roofing material.

Available in a standard three-tab style, these shingles have this one thing in common that can turn off some homeowners. As well, they are also available as thicker architectural shingles, which can be built to look like slate.

Tab Shingles

The tab single has a flat design and is the most economical roofing material on the market. They usually have a 20-25 year manufacturer’s warranty and, due to their light weight and resilience, can show damage more easily than others.

Laminated Shingles

Laminated shingles is heavier  than tab shingles and can be installed in different color mixes for a layered look that is more attractive than a flat design. It usually comes with a 25-50 year manufacturer’s warranty and is more resistant to damage from bad weather and storms.

Designer Shingles

Designer shingles not only provides you the most unique look compared to standard shingles, but also enhances the resale value of your home. They are very resilient and come in a variety of styles and designs. Designer shingles usually comes with a lifetime warranty of 40 years.

Aluminum Shingles

Aluminum shingle is perfect for modern homes that want to achieve both elegance and energy efficiency. Eco-friendly aluminum is the perfect roofing material to consider when you need both high quality design and functionality.

Steel Shingles

Living up to its name in the roofing industry, steel shingles are a great alternative to aluminum shingles. The special paint finish keeps these shingles rich and unique for years to come. Steel shingles can also greatly increase the resale value of your home.

Slate Roofs

The slate roof is dramatic and sophisticated, protecting your home with a life expectancy of over 100 years. Installation of slate roofs has traditionally been an expensive project, but new slate technology allows consumers to get this look at a lower price.

Tile Roofs.

Tile roofing (made of clay and concrete or slate) is starting to make  a comeback, especially in warmer places. Tile roofing is a popular option because it is made of durable, energy efficient and nonflammable material. Tile roofs are ideal for creating a unique look and they usually last a lifetime.