Roofer in Rockwall

Our company offers a wide range of roofing services in the Rockwall area. We work closely with our customers to give them the information they need to make an informed decision about roofing services, as well as to address any questions or issues they may have and to make the roofing process as simple as possible. We understand how vital it is to keep your house or company safe and secure, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. You can count on us to give you the best roofing services available in your area. To schedule your free roofing consultation, call us now.

Beautiful, long-lasting roofing systems in a range of colors are available to give your home a look you’ve always desired. We also employ cutting-edge methods and materials to repair any leaks, rot, mold, or other damage to your roof. You’ll not only appreciate your new roof when we’re done, but you’ll also be able to rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe.

We provide superior services and protection for your home or company at a competitive price through quality labor, long-lasting materials, and exceptional customer service. Whether your roof needs repair, maintenance, or replacement, our roofing experts have the experience and understanding to get the job done quickly and to your satisfaction.

Our trained team members are knowledgeable in installing and repairing various roof materials, and they use the most reliable and long-lasting equipment available. Our services include commercial roofing, flat roofing, metal roofing, roof flashing, rubber roofing, and shingle roofing.

Roofing Services

Residential Roof Inspections

We perform thorough roof inspections on nearly every single-family home with any roofing system. If your roof is made of shingles, we’ll look for degradation and other shingle wear issues, as well as leaks in and around metal flashings. We will evaluate your wood shake roof for dry rot and insect infestation, among other things. 

Roof Repair For Homes 

We may find areas of concern or damage after inspecting your roof. If any issues are discovered, we can swiftly and effectively repair leaks or wear and tear. If any past roof repairs were not completed correctly, we would ensure that they are conducted appropriately to safeguard you from further problems in these areas. 

Residential Roof Replacement

We can always assist you if you require a whole new roof. We can take on any task, no matter how big or small, whether it’s to replace a roof that has reached the end of its useful life or to rebuild your home and modify its appearance. We provide a variety of roofing options, from asphalt shingles to concrete tile, in various styles and colors to complement the overall appearance of your home. 

Commercial & Industrial Roofing Services

We also provide roof inspections, repair, and replacement for commercial and industrial structures. All forms of commercial roofing systems, including flat and metal roofs, can be repaired by us. Our experience helps us make necessary repairs and inspections in a timely and hassle-free manner. 

Free Estimates

We provide free quotes and estimates for roof requests, including thorough estimates for particular roof repairs or total roof replacement. We attempt to keep our commercial roofing services reasonable by keeping our prices competitive. 

Roof Repair/ Roof Installation

We offer excellent customer service to guarantee customer satisfaction. Let our highly qualified staff know if you wish to attain our professional services, including gutter replacement, exterior painting, and roof replacement because of hail damage.

We are a reliable roofing contractor and offer affordable repair, complete roof replacement, and roof installation. We have been in the roofing business for many years, and our staff is highly skilled. We are the perfect Rockwall roofing contractors to meet all your roofing needs!

Inspection Of The Roof 

Roof inspections are performed for many clients, from homeowners to commercial and industrial establishments managers. 

“What is the point of having my roof inspected?” you might wonder. The explanation is that a roof inspection extends beyond the roof to look for other potential problems. 

The attic will be examined for signs of water, moisture, dry rot, and other problems. Attic issues are often the source of a leak that appears to be coming from the roof. If your AC condenser has issues and the pan contains standing water, it might cause a ceiling leak that looks like a roof leak. Condensation, cracks, and deterioration in the attic can also cause problems that appear to be roof concerns. 

Of course, we evaluate all roofing components, such as shingles and wood shakes, during a thorough roof inspection. When it comes to asphalt shingles, we’ll look to see whether any granules have been lost due to tree limb rubbing or extreme weather.

We’ll also look for buckling or other concerns with the joints between the shingles, as these flaws can cause water to pool in places and seep onto your ceiling or even inside your home. We’ll look for mold, dry rot, and insect infestations in the wood shake. To avoid these problems, we’ll make sure that all wood has been appropriately treated, and we’ll take precautionary steps as well. 

Inspecting gutters and downspouts is another aspect of a roof inspection that many people overlook. If your gutters become blocked with leaves, moss, or other debris, it can lead to difficulties. This can cause rainwater and moisture to pool, generating roof areas to deteriorate over time due to the standing water. We’ll also look at the metal flashings around chimneys and skylights to ensure there’s no water damage and that they’re correctly placed. All collars and boots surrounding plumbing and other sorts of pipelines will be inspected as well.

If you have a leaky roof, then get roofing installation from our team of experts. We offer high-quality services and will get your roof replaced quickly.

Restoration Services 

Mother nature can play havoc on homes and commercial properties, particularly in North Texas, inflicting damage to not just your roof but also your windows, gutters, siding, skylights, chimneys, fences, outbuildings, carports, garages, and other sections of your house. Storm harm isn’t limited to the outside. Roof leaks and window leaks can cause extensive damage to a home’s interior. Beyond roofing, Daltex Contractors offers a variety of storm-related restoration services to assist you in getting your property back in working order.

Roof Repair For Hail & Storm Damage

Almost everyone is killed by the destructive force of hail and the violent storm. It’s difficult to know about this unseen storm, and large rain and storms cause significant losses and damage.

We are prepared to repair any harmful damage to your structure, including wind damage, tree removal, and so on. Daltex Contractors provides a wide range of hail and storm damage restoration services. Our repair process is accomplished on time and within budget. Our experts offer rapid response to the loss to provide peace of mind even during stressful moments.

You should know who can work best to repair the damaged roof and other items before fixing a house that has been damaged by hail and storm. Is your contractor capable of meeting all of your little and large requirements? Do you realize that his education qualifies him as a knowledgeable and competent contractor?

We only deploy his team members to serve customers once they have received sufficient training. Our skilled staff has launched repair services in the event of hail, storms, or other natural calamities. You are on the right track if you want to make your home last for a long time by fixing it. After reading our qualifications, you can contact us for roof repairs.

Proper Inspection

Our team’s services have been restricted professionally while keeping security in mind. As an affiliate, we monitor the actual condition of all forms of weather when hail and storm damage your property and trees. Extreme heat or cold, severe wind, snowstorms, and hail are some examples. Daltex Contractors then provides services in exchange for your cooperation. You may rest assured that you will not be required to be present on either side of the repair. If you like our recommendations, you can get a definitive proof after using our services.

Repairing the damaged area consists of the following steps

Fast winds are very reasonable for extracting and blowing away things. Moisture and other components begin to enter the area after some time. Finally, you may encounter serious issues with your home and other items. Daltex Contractors can assist you in preventing this degradation in the long run. Our competent and educated crew can repair your damaged region properly and use appropriate materials to make your damaged side look like the rest of the parts. We can rapidly improve or replace your roof if it has been damaged by hail or storm.

Our professional capabilities 

Daltex Contractors has announced new services for hail and storm damage roof repair. Our main goal is to assist people who have been affected by natural calamities. Please call us if you are having severe weather-related issues. Because we want our services to be available to everyone, we can entirely repair the damaged site within your budget. Our professional specialists and personnel are constantly at your service, and we take extra precautions to ensure your safety during the repair. 

Why Should You Hire Us?

Because of the defined standards and reliability that we provide, Rockwall Roofing Pro can deliver the best services linked to all sorts of roofs in the local area. In every aspect of roofing, we have earned respect and courtesy. Our professionals are always prepared to cope with emergencies that can occur anywhere. Our firm provides free toll-service lines to all customers, so anyone can call us at any moment to learn more about our services. All of our representatives are dedicated to answering clients’ roofing questions. We also await feedback or a satisfaction call when the service is completed.

We have never received a complaint from any of our customers, from the best services of our staff to the products and materials that we utilize. This is the most incredible thing for any commercial or residential contractor. Our management team is dedicated to the industry’s success and conventional housing repair and maintenance.

Our employees present several restoration solutions to our consumers by giving better services for home and commercial purposes. As the project manager, we first evaluate the area that needs to be fixed, provide a free estimate, and then begin the job as soon as you are ready. In this sense, we believe in providing all clients with an honest and fair consultation.

We are always willing to work on a tight budget. Our staff believes that no job is too small or too large. Daltex Contractors looks forward to working on both large and small projects with this in mind. Because it is our most important job to meet the needs of our customers, we approach all of our work with honesty. Anyone will be able to learn about all of our offerings.

All you have to do is call our toll-free number. We always wait for customer calls so that we can better serve them. If a client is considering employing us for the first time, we assure and guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the work we accomplish.

Our Methodology Is Straightforward

We never wander from the specifics, ensuring that your estimate is accurate, that all criteria are satisfied, and that the roof replacement and clean-up are completed quickly yet carefully. We’ve mastered the art of roof replacement and can usually finish a home project in one or two days.

The first step is to set up a no-obligation consultation with one of our home roofing specialists. Within 48 hours, appointments are frequently available. Schedule your consultation today, and let us discuss how we can assist you with all of your roofing requirements. We’ve got your back.

When Do You Need To Replace Your Roof?

An aged roof may need more frequent and severe repairs.

Roof removal is frequently required when:

  • Building rules have changed, making it hard to cover an older business roof.
  • More severe moisture has infiltrated the insulation and roof deck or trapped between roofing layers, as revealed by core cuts. Mold development, wood and steel decks degradation, and other significant issues can all result from trapped moisture. Moisture also lowers the insulation’s R-value.
  • Because of obsolete mechanical fastening mechanisms, the roof is prone to wind damage.
  • The steel or wood roof deck underneath it has deteriorated. Older phenolic foam insulation, for example, can produce sulfonic acid, which can erode a steel deck. Long-term leaks, on the other hand, have caused roof deck damage.
  • Bills for energy are also a factor to consider. Compared to white thermoplastic roof systems, such as PVC, TPO, and White roof coatings, an older black EPDM or asphalt roof frequently raises cooling expenses. These highly reflective white single-ply membranes save utility expenses by reflecting more sunlight into the atmosphere.
  • The subsequent phases make up the rest of the procedure.
  • The roof shingles, underlayment, and flashings were removed from the sheathing.
  • Inspection and replacement of sheathing and rafter support system if needed.
  • As required by code, a galvanized drip edge was added.
  • A code-compliant ice and water barrier have been erected.
  • Installed starter strips.
  • Over the sheathing, synthetic underlayment are put.
  • New shingles were put following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Installation of a new ventilation system.
  • Flanges and vents on all pipes were replaced.
  • Chimneys erupted in flames.

We are the best family-owned roofing contractor in Rockwall. Hire our team of professionals to get new roof installations, gutter installation, and other services. We offer excellent customer service and perform exceptional service in all projects. Our team gets the job done promptly. You can sit back, relax, and watch the whole process as our qualified staff performs an excellent job. Our team performs high-quality work to ensure customer satisfaction. We are the best among local roofers and offer perfect roofing solutions to all your problems. Give us a call right away to know more about our services.