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Are you looking for roof replacement or roof repair in Garland, TX? Our roofing company offers roofing repairs to different projects. We provide high-quality work/roofing service at a reasonable price. We are a family-owned roofing company and provide excellent services to commercial buildings and various roofing projects. Our team of experts is highly skilled and has years of experience in the field. You may give us a call to avail of our excellent services in Garland, TX. Please book an appointment with our experts right away!

A Multitude Of Factors Can Cause Roof Damage 

To assist you in understanding how and why these indicators of damage emerge, we’ve compiled a list of the top five most common causes of roof damage:

Weather. Winds, rain, and hail may wreak havoc on your roof. While rain can cause holes and leaks in your roof, strong winds can rip shingles off, exposing your home to more damage, leaks, and lower energy efficiency.

The flashing has been ruined. Flashing keeps the waterproof seal between roof sections and corners. If your roof is damaged or pulled off, rainwater can get in, further damaging it and causing leaks. Ensure that the roof is thoroughly inspected during annual roof inspections.

Age. Your roofing, like any other material, deteriorates over time, losing energy efficiency and necessitating more frequent repairs. Set up a free estimate with a reliable roofing company if you believe your roof has served its purpose, and you’d want to learn more about the roofing options available to you. They’ll help you make the best selection possible.

Roof Repair / Roof Replacement

There is a shortage of upkeep. Your roof is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up. Most people don’t think about their roof until there’s a problem, but yearly inspections can dramatically increase the life of your roof. You can inspect it yourself, but hiring a professional roofer ensures that even the tiniest crack is found and repaired before it causes leaks.

The installation was done wrongly. The most typical cause of roof failure is this. You may not only need to repair your roof early on, but you may also need to replace it – much sooner than you anticipated completely. To guarantee that your new roof lasts a long time, use a reputed roofing firm that uses high-quality materials.

Garland’s Best Roofing Company

We never let profit affect the quality of our Garland roofing services. Customer service is a primary focus for us, and it has contributed to our solid reputation in the community. Daltex Contractors consider speed and precision to be just as vital as cost. Don’t allow a minor roofing problem to turn into a severe one; contact the professionals immediately soon!

Whether big or small, any home roofing job is no problem for us. Whether you require minor repairs and maintenance or a complete rebuild, we are here to assist you.

Here are a few of the Garland residential roofing services we offer.

Roofing For Residential Properties

  • Asphalt Shingles are made up of a variety of materials.
  • Shakes or Shingles made of wood
  • Roofs Made of Metal
  • Roofs Made of Tile

The most crucial part of your house is the roof. You want skilled roofers on your team for roof repair and maintenance.

Daltex Contractors has a solid reputation in Garland for commercial roofing. Our crew has completed big commercial roofing projects in Garland and the surrounding areas. Our customer service continues to be unrivaled.

Roofing For Business Properties

We keep our commercial roofing services up to date with the most reliable roofing techniques. A handful of our commercial services are listed below.

  • TPO is a term that refers to (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)
  • Elastomeric Coating is a type of elastomeric coating that is
  • Bitumen that has been modified
  • EPDM
  • Gravel and Tar

Our highly educated crew at Daltex Contractors ensures that all of your roofing issues are resolved. Our team of dedicated and qualified local roofers can offer you clean and professional roofing service if you put your trust in them.

Serving Garland & The Surrounding Areas In Texas

To fulfill your roofing demands, we provide affordable rates. For our service, we charge a one-time fixed fee. Our services do not entail any additional fees, nor do they include any hidden costs that will be paid later. From the beginning, we educate you about the charges of our services.

Daltex Contractors is pleased to provide quality roofing services to the Garland region. As a long-standing Texas enterprise, we also serve Garland’s outskirts. Daltex Contractors specializes in residential and commercial roofing in Highland Meadows, Rowlett, and Lochwood. Call us immediately if you require roofing services in these regions!

Request a free roofing estimate today, and let us show you why we should be your Garland Roofer!

Roofing Warranty & Free Estimates

Our roofing company in Garland, TX, uses a specialized team of certified, skilled roofing technicians as a leading residential and commercial roofing company. Our crew has decades of combined business and residential roofing experience. With ease and expertise, Daltex Contractors can accomplish the tiniest roofing repairs and the most extensive re-roofing jobs. Call us right now to find out more about how we can assist you with your roof repair.

Roof deterioration is usually undetectable until it becomes a big issue. Routine expert roof inspections are required for the early diagnosis of such problems.

Please don’t take a chance analyzing it on your own; instead, enlist the assistance of our highly qualified team of Texas roofers. Roof design, installation, and maintenance are all areas where our skilled roofing contractors excel.

With an unrivaled warranty, you can be confident that we will satisfy your demands and expectations in a timely and cost-effective manner. Working with one of the best A+ rated roofing contractors can also provide you peace of mind.

The Benefits Of Hiring Our Roofing Contractors In Garland

There are several important reasons why choosing a professional roofing company is advised and necessary. The first advantage of our years of experience is the assurance that the job will be done correctly. It all starts with our understanding of the products and materials that will provide you with the best value and longevity for your specific needs.

Our installation skill and attention to detail assure a well-installed roof that will withstand the elements and anything other than typical wear and tear. Our friendly service and professional demeanor become the icing on the cake of a job well done from there.

You may save money and time by adequately maintaining your roof as a homeowner. Here are some roof maintenance pointers to remember:

  • Maintain the cleanliness of your roof decking (the surface) at all times.
  • Maintain the contour of your decking in general (e.g., do not let it become concave or convex).
  • When shingles become broken, curled, twisted, or burned, they must be replaced immediately.
  • Remove leaves and other debris from your gutters with a shovel regularly.
  • Repair any gaps in your roof as soon as possible by replacing the shingles.
  • Ensure your eavestroughs’ drains are working correctly to not collect water around them.
  • If you have copper gutters, you should clean them out once a year.

We are the best roofers in town, and you may call us right now to get a pleasant experience from our great company. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll be getting estimates for roof repair from reputable and high-quality contractors. Our network of roofing experts has years of expertise. While comparing estimates, you’ll be able to read entire client reviews.

Our roofing professionals can handle any project, big or little, and can offer roof repair business advice. We’ll make the process go more smoothly by connecting you with the relevant people for your project. Begin by looking up your zip code.

Roofing Technology Of The Future

We have been a pioneer in commercial and institutional roofing for many years, combining innovative technology with family history. We take great delight in completing your job on time and within budget.

Installation, Maintenance, And Repairs Of New Roofs

Our team of highly qualified specialists will perform a full assessment of your roofing system to detect any existing difficulties or prospective problem areas. We’ll then recommend the most cost-effective and efficient solution as well as a maintenance plan that’s right for you.

Commercial Roofer With Certification

We are accredited for practically all roofing systems and works with the most well-known and trusted roofing manufacturers in the market. We’ve got you covered, from single-ply, mechanically fastened varieties to the meticulous installation and repair of detailed landmark work and historic restoration, including wood shingle, slate, tile, or metal roofs, traditional BUR, or modified roofing systems.

Roof Installation In Garland, TX 

No one tops our Garland roofers when it comes to roofing. Our skilled roofers can swiftly and securely replace your existing roof. We also clean up thoroughly and extensively when the project is over, so you won’t have to worry about roofing nails or debris in your yard. We leave your area in the same, if not better, condition as when we came. Professional installations might be the difference between liking and living with the job that is completed. Give us a call now if you are having new construction done or if you need your existing roof repaired so that you can receive a roofing system for your house or business that will last a long time and function well. To get started, give us a call right now.

A roofing inspection should be scheduled regularly to assist you in avoiding significant and minor roof repairs. Your roof should endure a long time and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your property. This is why regular roof inspections are critical. Roof inspectors that are more than competent to examine your roof are available from us. After we inspect your roof, we may offer you a written report detailing our findings so that you can proceed to the next phase. Following that, we can provide you with the repair or replacement choices. By keeping the site clean and hiring only experienced employees, we assist in keeping our clients and the work environment safe, preventing any injuries. You may rely on us when you want roofing or masonry services. We maintain the environment we’re working in, as well as your house or company, safe. We complete the task correctly the first time to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Hail Damage Repair in Garland

Our hail storms in Garland, TX, are well-known, but the effect is that your roof takes a hammering. We know how to analyze and repair residential and commercial building roof hail damage on time.

Call our roof inspector to get a clear strategy for maximizing your claim and a positive approach to preparing your call to the insurance company, including proven language to use with the adjuster that will create the scenario for maximum insurance financing.

Our roofing specialists provide a variety of Garland, TX area roofing contractors and extensive roofing repair services with unique programs and solutions to match your local roofing needs as a top Garland, TX roof repair and hail damage repair organization. Our roofing experts are known for providing timely and well-organized hail damage reports and insurance claim negotiating services that address the time-sensitive aspect of hail damage roof restoration.

Know that when we restore your home or building’s roof, our products, installations, and construction services are covered by our warranty, giving you significant peace of mind that you won’t get from other Garland hail damage providers. We make the process of getting your roof repaired fast and correctly as simple as possible.

Our storm and hail roofing professional is only a phone call away and will check your roof in person, advise you on the finest materials and solutions, and even help you with any home insurance problems you may have.

Storm Roof Repair In Garland

Storms can strike at any time in Garland, Texas. Storms with strong winds are common in this area, and they can cause damage to your roof. We offer residential roof storm repair and commercial property storm repair.

Composite shingle roofs are found in most Garland, TX, and the surrounding areas. No matter how sturdy your roof is, shingles can be torn off, and tree limbs can crash down on your top if the storm is bad enough and the winds are high enough.

The best aspect about our roof repair services is that we understand how important it is to get it addressed quickly. Before the next storm or rain can harm the inside of your home, our fast staff will estimate and repair your roof.

A skilled roof repair technician is only a phone call away, and our roofing specialist will evaluate your roof in person, advise you on the finest materials and solutions, and even answer any questions you might have about house insurance.

Trusted, Local & Honest Roofers

Daltex Contractors should always be your go-to source for excellent roofing services in the Garland region. Whether you’re suffering from a significant storm or hail damage, need a new roof for a building project, or want to improve your current roof with a skylight or other feature. We’ve won awards for outstanding customer service, roofing work, and price.

What sets our company apart?

  • We keep up with the latest developments in the industry.
  • We’ve been in the roofing business for a long time.
  • Our roofers are certified, licensed, and well-trained.
  • We are pleased to provide senior discounts as well as free estimates.
  • Our staff has completed countless roofing projects.
  • We provide individual and courteous service.

Daltex Contractors’ objective is to uphold a high quality, service, and professionalism. We make sure that the project is done the first time correctly for our customers. Our team is confident that we can provide superior quality control, pricing, and customer service than our competition. The most satisfying aspect is completing a project on time and on budget while delivering excellent outcomes. We stick to known and trusted products in addition to giving excellent service. We use brands our clients can trust, such as GAF and Tamko, to ensure that our products stand up to the test of time and harsh weather.

For decades, our Garland roofers have diligently served the Dallas Metroplex area, and we look forward to providing you with the same quality of service! Daltex Contractors is the company you call when you need residential roofing services or other related services.

We Would Like To Hear From You

Our skilled roofers go above and above to ensure that your roof problems are repaired swiftly and professionally. Daltex Contractors can handle all of your roofing needs, from inspection to maintenance and beyond. We work within your budget to manage your repairs, and your demands always come first.

We aim to be your roofer for life, thanks to our reputation in Garland for roofing and building. Our house roofing and business roofing services have become well-known since our humble beginnings in Garland. Be sure to get in touch with us immediately for additional information or to schedule a free estimate. Our roofers also provide a free inspection to assess the storm damage in your area.