Roofer In Colleyville TX

We are passionate about handling your roofing and related needs with quality, safety, and excellent service as a leading commercial and specialty roofing contractor that has been serving customers for many remarkable decades.

Our long-term customers consider us to be their one-stop shop when it comes to roofing issues. So whether you have one building or a hundred, a simple roof need or a complex one, we are the company to call.

Roof Cleaning And Maintenance/ Roof Repairs

Our roofing services section takes satisfaction in tackling any roofing problem. It’s the cornerstone of our success.

  • Repairing Leaks
  • Installations on the Street
  • Preventive Maintenance for Coatings
  • Roof Snow Removal Infrared Imaging Inspection Fall & Winter Preparation
  • Re-Roofing
  • We understand the complexity of re-roofing and can guide you through each stage.

The Roof Of A New Building

Roofs are an essential part of any new construction project. We’ll assist you in making the best decision.

Restoration Of A Historic Roof

Need to repair or install a new roof as part of your restoration project? Our team has the expertise.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Our master craftsmen have decades of experience and can provide unmatched custom metal fabrication. As a premier commercial and specialty roofing contractor with over six decades of experience, we are dedicated to managing your roofing and associated needs with quality, safety, and excellent service.

Our long-term customers regard us to be their one-stop shop for roofing difficulties. We are the firm to call whether you have one building or a hundred, a simple roof need, or a complex one.

Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Roof

Our roofing services department takes pride in solving any roofing issue. It’s the foundation of our accomplishments.

Roof Snow Removal Inspection With Infrared Imaging Preparation For The Fall And Winter

We are familiar with the complexities of re-roofing and can walk you through each step.

A New Building’s Roof

Roofs play a crucial role in any new construction project. We’ll help you make the best selection possible. As part of your restoration effort, do you need to repair or replace your roof? Our team possesses the necessary knowledge.

Metal Fabrication On Demand

Our expert metal fabricators have decades of combined experience and provide unsurpassed custom metal fabrication.

Residential Roofing Services Provided By Professionals

We have been established as a prominent residential roofing system installer in the area. Our team is dedicated to offering the most outstanding quality roofing systems and an unrivaled level of customer care. We work hard to ensure that every homeowner understands roofing goods and the process of installing a new roof system. Our expert craftsmen will construct a high-quality, long-lasting roof that will complement the look of your property.

Our Services has a wide range of shingle types, colors, and manufacturers to choose from. We are a certified installation company for roofing systems. We also provide shingle roofs with extended warranties to ensure that your roof investment lasts for many years.

Residential roofing consultants at our company will walk the homeowner through the process and assist them in picking the best roofing choices based on cost, longevity, and desired aesthetic. We look forward to meeting with you and demonstrating the benefits of working with us!

If you believe a recent storm has damaged your current roof, please visit our Storm Damage section of our website to know more about our services. We will complete your roofing needs by offering you an insurance claim for a roof repair due to hail damage.

Roof Inspection

A roof inspection might be performed for a variety of reasons. We can undertake a home inspection for you if you are buying a house and want to check out the condition and integrity of your potential new home. You may have a hunch that there is an issue, but you aren’t sure. If you currently own a home, you should have it inspected at least once a year, and many homeowners choose to have it inspected twice a year. This allows us to detect problems or repairs early on before they become out of hand.

Call us right now to schedule your roof inspection. Roof inspections are performed for many clients, from homeowners to managers of commercial and industrial establishments.

“What is the point of having my roof inspected?” you might wonder. The explanation is that a roof inspection extends beyond the roof to look for other potential problems.

The attic will be examined for signs of water, moisture, dry rot, and other problems. Attic issues are often the source of a leak that appears to be coming from the roof. If your AC condenser has issues and the pan contains standing water, it might cause a ceiling leak that looks like a roof leak. Condensation, cracks, and deterioration in the attic can also cause problems that appear to be roof concerns.

Of course, we evaluate all roofing components, such as shingles and wood shakes, during a thorough roof inspection. When it comes to asphalt shingles, we’ll look to see whether any granules have been lost due to tree limb rubbing or extreme weather. We’ll also look for buckling or other concerns with the joints between the shingles, as these flaws can cause water to pool in places and seep onto your ceiling or even inside your home. We’ll look for mold, dry rot, and insect infestations in the wood shake. To avoid these problems, we’ll make sure that all wood has been properly treated, and we’ll take precautionary steps as well.

Inspecting gutters and downspouts is another aspect of a roof inspection that many people overlook. If your gutters become blocked with leaves, moss, or other debris, it can lead to difficulties. This can cause rainwater and moisture to pool, generating areas of the roof to deteriorate over time due to the standing water. We’ll also look at the metal flashings around chimneys and skylights to ensure there’s no water damage and that they’re correctly placed. All collars and boots surrounding plumbing and other sorts of pipelines will be inspected as well. If you want a metal roof then we are the best roofing company to hire! Call us right away to make changes to your existing roof!

Roofing Contractors

It’s critical to service your Roof to ensure that you have a roof to be grateful for for the rest of your life. If you are a homeowner or a business owner, all roof types require regular roofing services and maintenance to avoid the high costs of fixing something that is broken. Roof repairs and replacement might be one of the most costly expenses that a business or a homeowner may face.

Roofs can be easily damaged because they shield the remainder of the house from the sun, rain, and wind. It is frequently the most neglected portion of any structure despite this fact. While some roof types and materials require less frequent inspections, we recommend that you evaluate your Roof at least twice a year. Roof inspections can be performed by our experts who are willing to take the time to look for signs of damage or decay. You may also engage with our roofing specialist to assess your Roof and determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Sit back and relax as our team of professionals will do the whole process of roof replacements in front of you. We are a roofing company that takes great pride in our achievements. We aim to keep our customers delighted with our high-quality work. Give our experts a call right now to know more about our roof installation process. Schedule a free consultation with our team of professionals for your home project.

Examining Your Roof

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for on your roof:

If you believe your Roof needs an inspection or that it is past due for servicing and maintenance but are unsure who to call for assistance, we have one of our trained roofing professionals assist you.

One roof at a time, we’re covering the west. We do anything from basic roof repairs to preventative maintenance and large roof installations.

Roof removal and clean-up are included in our comprehensive roofing services. A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee guarantees our craft, quality, and performance. Most importantly, we never outsource our work! Our team is sure to perform an excellent job at your project so give us a call right away to know more about our services!


We remove and replace various types of roofs for residential and commercial buildings, including:

  • Systems for flat roofs
  • Steel tile roofs with concrete, clay, and stone coatings
  • shingles made of asphalt and fiberglass
  • Metal roofing with standing seams
  • Shingles made of wood Shakes made of wood shingles made of wood

We conduct a complete inspection before starting the roofing work. Our team is sure to do a fantastic job in the entire project. You may call us to get a free estimate of our services including commercial roofing, new roof installation, roof replacements, and more!

Roof Repairs In An Emergency

Do you need a roof repair right away? We are always willing to assist whenever feasible. Our low prices and award-winning warranty service, combined with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensure that you get solutions rather than more problems.

We offer free inspections for leaks, cracks, and wood rot as part of our preventative maintenance program. Call us for a free roof repair or replacement quote. Roof tune-ups and maintenance can help your current Roof last longer.  Get a free roof inspection when you call us in an emergency!

Do you want a roof that can help you save money on energy while protecting your home from the elements? We install new and replacement roofs for homes and businesses that comply with current building codes. Our team has developed strong working connections with architects, management firms, and construction and insurance firms as dependable roofing contractors. Our trained contractors are knowledgeable about various roofing systems, including rubber and flat roofs.

We use high-quality roofing materials from reputable suppliers to ensure that your home is well-protected. When you hire our team of experts to build or replace your roof, you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to ensure that your needs are satisfied. We cover all areas of roof installations, from ensuring that the insulating layers are fitted properly to supplying roof tiles that complement the style of the property. All new work comes with a ten or 20-year guarantee. Public liability insurance is in place.

Roof Replacement

Is your current roof in need of replacement, or has it been severely damaged? We may have a new, high-quality roof installed in its place. Roof replacement services are available for residential and commercial properties. You can rely on us to properly remove the old roof and install the new Roof with a faultless finish. We recommend that you get in touch with your insurance company when looking for a full roof replacement. We are the top roofing contractors for the entire job to replace shingles on a commercial property or to fix minor issues. Call our team of experts right away to avail of our excellent services!