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You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for a roofing business with a lot of experience, excellent customer service, and reasonable costs. We have been in the roofing business for a long time and are ready to assist you with any roofing needs you may have. Residential property owners, as well as commercial and industrial building owners, are among our clientele. We’ve dealt with many roofing issues, including roof leaks and replacing most roofing materials.

Roofing Services

You’ve discovered the area’s best roofing contractors. We offer a wide range of roofing services, including:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Leak
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Industrial Roofing
  • Residential Roof
  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Leak

We know a reputable roofing business to assist you with the following roof-related issues:

Here’s an illustration of the kinds of work we do:

Residential roof inspections: We perform thorough roof inspections on almost every single-family home with a roofing system. If your roof is made of shingles, then our experts will look for degradation and other shingle wear concerns, as well as leaks in and around metal flashings. Our team will evaluate your wood shake roof for dry rot and insect infestation, among other things.

We may or may not identify areas of concern or damage after inspecting your roof. If we discover any issue, we will swiftly and effectively repair leaks and other wear and tear. If any past roof repairs were not completed correctly, our team would ensure they are conducted appropriately to safeguard you from further problems in these areas.

Free estimates: We provide free quotes and estimates for any roof requests, including forecasts for particular roof repairs or total roof replacement. We attempt to keep our roofing services reasonable by keeping our prices competitive.

Our roofing firm has worked on a variety of residential and commercial roofs and can immediately identify the root of your roof problems:

We can take care of a variety of roof repairs for you. Listed below are a few examples:

  • Shingles that are missing or damaged should be replaced.
  • Phantom roof leaks: where to look for them and how to fix them.
  • Roof buckling repair.
  • Concerns about algal growth are addressed.

Shingles That Have Been Damaged Or Are Missing – This is a typical roof repair. A variety of factors can harm shingles. Composite shingles can be blown off the roof when the wind picks up. Shingle granules can be rubbed away by low-hanging branches or progressively worn away by hail, rain, or snow. Dry rot can also be a problem with wood shakes. These concerns are familiar to us, and we give skilled repair.

Roof Leak Location – You may require this form of roof repair but cannot pinpoint the source of the leak. A roof leak isn’t always caused by damage visible above the water stain on your ceiling. Standing water or rain might blow in from the side, causing moisture to build upon the roof and stream down to other regions. When a leak occurs in an area of your ceiling that appears to be unconnected, we are experts in locating the cause of the problem.

Roof buckling might happen if there isn’t enough ventilation in your attic. Your roof shingles may become wet if moisture from your air conditioner condenser or humidity builds up in your attic. This form of repair isn’t usually possible right away, but as the shingles dry, they might bend, causing damage over time. We’ve seen this before and can determine the source of the issues.

Algae And Fungus Development – Growth on your roof is typical, particularly in humid conditions. Again, this is not an emergency repair, but it may be rather unsightly. Although the algae do generally not cause any harm to your roof, the bloom traps extra water and allows it to linger on your top for longer than it should. Standing water will cause problems in the long run. Therefore it’s preferable to deal with the algae development immediately.

You might think, “What is the point of getting my roof inspected?” This is because a roof inspection looks beyond the roof for other potential issues. It is essential for our experts to inspect your roof before any action. This helps us to determine all leaks.

Water, humidity, dry rot, and other concerns will be examined in the attic. A leak that looks to be coming from the roof is frequently the result of attic troubles. If your AC condenser has problems and the pan is full of standing water, a ceiling leak that appears like a roof leak may occur. Condensation, cracks, and deterioration in the attic can also cause issues that arise to be roof issues.

Roofing Company

We check all roofing components during a complete roof inspection, such as shingles and wood shakes. When it comes to asphalt shingles, we’ll check to determine whether any granules have been removed due to friction from tree limbs or intense weather. We’ll also search for buckling or other issues with the shingles’ joints since these faults can allow water to pool in certain areas and leak onto your ceiling or even inside your home. We’ll examine for mold, dry rot, and insect infestations in the wood shake. To avoid these issues, we’ll make sure that all wood has been adequately treated, as well as take other precautions.

Many individuals ignore the need to inspect gutters and downspouts during a roof check. It might be tough to clean your gutters if they become clogged with leaves, moss, or other debris. Rainwater and moisture can pool in this location, causing parts of the roof to deteriorate over time due to the standing water. We’ll also inspect the metal flashings around chimneys and skylights for water damage and ensure they’re correctly installed. All collars and boots that come into contact with plumbing and other types of piping will be examined.

Add Value To Your Home With Roof Coats

A roof coat is an excellent way to increase the value of your property. A roof coat and restoration not only improves the appearance of your home but also adds significant value.

Coatings For Cement Tile Roofs

Due to the continuing oxidation of the original factory coating, cement tile roofs can show significant fading after as little as ten years. This is not only unsightly, but it can also result in the newly porous tiles absorbing up to 20% of their original weight in water.

A roof coating application will effectively seal faded cement tiles while also improving the overall appearance of your home.

Clear Terracotta Glaze

A transparent finish on a terracotta tile roof may enhance and accentuate these tiles’ traditional beauty while also preventing future lichen and moss growth.

Getting Your Roof Ready

We evaluate your roof thoroughly before committing to coating it to guarantee that we are not simply painting over any existing concerns! If there are any current issues, we’ll let you know about them and explain what has to be done to bring your roof up to code.

  • The basic steps in prepping your roof for roof coating are as follows:
  • All roof surfaces are subjected to high-pressure washing.
  • Broken tiles are replaced, and leaks are repaired.
  • Ensure that all gutters are cleaned before repointing or re-bedding and repointing your ridge capping.
  • Coatings for Roofs are made up of a variety of materials.

Daltex Contractors have a thorough understanding of the materials and products used in applying roof coatings. The roof coating industry has seen many advancements and improvements in recent years, including a better understanding of the best procedures and materials to achieve the most outstanding results.

Daltex Contractors is well-positioned as a roof coating contractor in the industry over that period to give the best possible roof coating treatment for your house or commercial structure.

Re-Roofing Contractors In Bedford, TX

Daltex Contractors have the expertise to troubleshoot common tile roof problems and then deliver the appropriate remedies. Many people are unconcerned with this aspect of roof repair and upkeep. Cement under ridge caps can loosen and deteriorate over time, resulting in leaks or ridge caps being blown off in severe winds. Depending on their condition, your ridge caps will either be repointed or rebed.

Repointing entails leaving the ridge caps on their original cement bed and putting a fresh coat of correctly colored cement to the old pointing’s outer surface. This is typically done in circumstances when the actual ridge cap cement hasn’t deteriorated too much, but the pointing cement’s surface has developed substantial cracking.

If the ridge caps have been dislodged or the cement bed has considerably degraded, re-bedding is required. All ridge caps are removed and reinstalled on a new cement substrate. Roof leaks can occur on tiled roofs for a variety of causes. Our roofing professionals are skilled at pinpointing the source of a leak, whether it’s a broken tile, a flaw in the roofing structure, or damaged flashings, gutters, ridge caps, or valleys.

Inspections Of Residential Roofs

Did you know that many manufacturers need frequent inspections by a licensed specialist to keep their warranties valid?

Without a guarantee, the national average for a new roof on a 1,500-square-foot home is $6,000. Premium roofing materials and increased square footage raise these prices. You may be subjected to these excessive charges if you mistakenly void your warranty by failing to have your roof inspected regularly. Regular inspections by our pros will ensure that you’re covered.

We offer a variety of inspection services, including but not limited to:

  • Debris removal from the roof, valleys, and around flashings
  • Blisters, cracks, and seam separation are all things to look for.
  • Examining the adherence of the materials, including fasteners
  • Retaining any materials that have been blown away
  • Inspecting the parapet wall flashing and, if necessary, refastening and resealing it
  • Roof penetrations, such as AC, curbing, and vent penetrations, should be resealed as needed.
  • Satellite dishes, solar heaters, and antennae are all subject to inspection.
  • Minor roof leaks are repaired, and loose tiles are re-secured.

We’ll also give you an estimate for any major repairs you might need. The assessment will contain a project timetable and a budget for future planning if necessary. You will also receive a photo management report detailing the maintenance completed, any present or future problems encountered by our professionals, and recommendations for how to resolve them.

Roof Damage In Commercial Buildings

While a leak or a hole is an apparent sign that your roof needs to be fixed, several additional issues are to keep an eye on. Time and the elements may wear down your top, and what appears to be a minor issue could be a sign of a more significant problem.

If you notice any of the following, your commercial property’s roof may need to be repaired:

  • Water pooling or leaks
  • Flashing is not working.
  • Your roof’s surface is cracked or bubbled.
  • Punctures or holes

Commercial Roofing Types

Even if your roof appears in bad shape, it may not necessitate a complete replacement or a costly repair. Repairing your roof instead of replacing it can save you time and money. A business roofing contractor may also teach you how to maintain your roof correctly.

Over the years, our roofing professionals have worked on various commercial structures. Large shopping malls, hospitals, leisure facilities, schools, and an industrial business park are our previous clientele. We have the knowledge and ability to make your roof better than it has ever been, regardless of the size of your structure.

We recognize that each roof has unique requirements. We provide a wide range of roof services to fit the specific needs of your business’s structure. The only thing that separates your business from the weather is your roof, but many business owners will ignore it until a large leak or catastrophic breakdown occurs. While shelters are built to withstand the abuse, storms, UV rays, debris, and time may quickly turn minor flaws into serious issues.

Replacing a damaged roof is a costly and time-consuming undertaking that can cause business activities to be slowed while completed. You’re probably dreading the cost of a complete roof replacement if your roof has been extensively damaged. On the other hand, commercial roofing repair may be a better way to save money and avoid delays.