If you’ve lived in Texas very long, you know we have some bad thunderstorms. No matter what the news may say about Tornado Alley being in Kansas and Oklahoma, we know that the Lone Star State gets its fair share of rough weather too.

When those storms come into town with hail, the impact on your home can be huge. Damaged shingles, broken windows, and holes in siding can all be left in the wake of a hailstorm, leaving you scrambling to deal with your insurance policy and get the damage repaired as quickly as possible.

Daltex Contracting can be your valued partner in the cleanup after a storm. We’re experienced in all parts of the process, from that first call to your insurance company right up until our crew loads up and drives away.

There are a lot of things you need to know ahead of time to make sure that a hailstorm doesn’t cause you any more headache than it has to. After all, you may be dealing with damage to your landscape or even your car at the same time. That makes it even more important to keep the process simple.

First, contact your insurance company right away. They’ll send an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage. Damaged siding and broken windows are easy to spot, but the roof can be a little bit tricky. Remember that you don’t have to see missing shingles to have damage. Hail can crack and break shingles without creating damage that’s visible from your perspective on the ground. If you’ve had large hail at your home, and especially if you see any pieces of shingles on the ground or in your downspouts, make the call. If your neighbors have obvious roof damage

Next, you need to make temporary repairs. Your insurance company may cover the cost of plastic sheeting, roof felt, or other materials to keep the water out until a final repair can be made. Discuss that with your company on the first call so that you know what you can afford to do right now so that things don’t get any worse. A little bit of water is not a disaster, but if you wait hours or days to make a temporary repair, you will end up with damage in the attic and living space that will dramatically increase the cost of repairs.

Your third step is to contact us. We will give you an estimate on the full cost of repairs. Don’t guess at the expense when talking to your insurance company. Our qualified workers will need to view the roof up close to make a determination of just how much it will cost to complete the repairs. They can also assess how much of your siding will need to be replaced. Once they have provided you with the information you need, you can pass it along to the insurance company and get started on the process of making repairs.

Suffering hail damage on your home can be very upsetting. Not only does your house look bad, but it also can suffer even more damage from the rain that follows. The most important thing you can do after a hailstorm is to work with Daltex Contracting. We’ve dealt with countless insurance claims and repair jobs throughout the DFW area, and we can help you get through the process as quickly as possible so that your house can get back to normal.